Railroading Lore

The Chicago and Northwest Railway played an important role in the lives of Langlade County, and it has a prominent role in the museum as well. Items on display include lanterns, a conductor’s uniform, oilers, spokes and a stove once used to heat the depot. As in all our displays, photos show “ the way it was.“




One of the favorite corners in the museum is devoted to logging. It contains early tools used in this industry, still one of the most important in Wisconsin. Photographs show how logs were transported by horse-drawn skidders to be floated down rivers along with some more modern machinery. There’s even a horsehide coat and a pair of mittens worn to keep warm in days of yore. Logging buffs will also enjoy the vintage Caterpillar tractor and logging skidder on display on the museum’s front lawn.



Wisconsin’s Ice Age
Take a glimpse back to Wisconsin’s Ice Age courtesy of this mural, created by the late Jim Whalers, a noted artist and great historical society supporter. In front of the mural are an array of artifacts including a mysterious “rock” about two feet long and a foot high. It’s origin and use remain unidentified, one of several museum mysteries.


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