A. H. Berendsen

Born: July 25, 1869

A. H. BERENDSEN is one of the oldest and most respected citizens in Langlade County. He was born in the town of Freedom, Outagamie County, Wisconsin, on July 25, 1869. He came to Langlade County from the town of Freedom on November 10, 1882. with, three cows and five head of young stock. A yoke of oxen were hitched to his heavy wagon. Twelve days later he arrived at the Henry Hersant farm, Norwood township. Because of difficulties with the cattle it was necessary for him to leave the cattle at a place owned by Joseph Schnorich, now the site of the E. E. Hemingway home at Mattoon, Wisconsin.

John Menting and Gerard Berendsen made the trip with the subject of this sketch. With no roads and about a sixteen inch fall of snow it was difficult for these sturdy pioneers to find their way about.

The father of Mr. Berendsen, Theodore Berendsen, homesteaded on section 25, township 30, range 12 east. This place has since been known as the Bernard Berendsen farm and is situated one-half mile east of Phlox.

Mr. Berendsen recalls well when in the spring of 1883 he came in to Antigo with a yoke of oxen to do some trading at the Niels Anderson store, the first store in Antigo. He also went over to the depot to see a train pull into Antigothen this was considered an event of great importance (the approach of an airplane is regarded with less significance by Antigo people now).

Mr. Berendsen stayed on the homestead for sometime helping clear land, until he was sixteen years of age. Then as his parents were in need of some money he went to work at the carpenter trade. He earned ten dollars per month and board. He later secured work from Joseph St.Louis and son, Frank St.Louis, who had a mill at Phlox. After working there until the fall of 1888 he went to work for the Mattoon Manufacturing Company putting in bridges and culverts on the railroad between Mattoon and Aniwa. He was employed as camp foreman, carpenter and lumber inspector until the spring of 1898. He then entered the employ of G. B. Lesch as a lumber inspector and was with him until he went out of business in this territory, in the fall of 1900. Mr. Berendsen then entered the employ of the G. W. Jones Lumber Company of Appleton, Wisconsin, on November 1, 1900, and was with them until January 1, 1921, a period of twenty years and two months. He has been dealing in lands and forest products on his own initiative since.

Mr. Berendsen was married to Rosatia M. Hones at Phlox on June 2, 1921. He is a Catholic by faith and fraternally is affiliated with the B. P. O. E. and the Catholic Order of Foresters. The Berendsen family moved from Mattoon to Antigo in June, 1899, and has resided here since. A. H Berendsen, during these many years, has won the respect and confidence of a score of citizens.

Source: p.343 History of Langlade County Wisconsin Dessureau. Berner Bros. Publishing CO. 1922.