John Cherf

Born: May 17, 1853

JOHN CHERF. One of the really prominent pioneers of Langlade County is John Cherf, a resident of the town of Antigo, who was born May 17,1853, in Bohemia. When an infant his father died and with his mother and stepfather the young child moved to America. The family settled in Cooperstown Township, Manitowoc County, where Mr. Cherf lived until he was twenty-three years of age. He then was united in marriage to Katherine Skvor of the town of Cooperstown on January 1, 1876. To these union nine children, one of whom, Rose, is deceased, were born. The children are Mary, now Mrs. Joseph Sazama of Antigo Township; James Cherf of Polar Township; Anna, now Mrs. William Conn of White Lake; Emma, now Mrs.. Charles Leitrich of Rolling; Julia, now Mrs. Morgan Harrison of Antigo Township; Christine, now Mrs.. George Miller of Antigo Township; Tressa, now Mrs. Hiram Horn of Antigo, and Bessie, now Mrs.. Oliver Mader of Antigo Township.

Upon Mr. Cherfs marriage he purchased a farm in Cooperstown and resided on it for two years. He then sold the land and moved to Antigos present site, then known as Springbrook. He purchased five lots where M. Kroms store, Berner Brothers plant, Bauters gallery and Neubergers shoe store is for $25. Here Mr. Cherf erected a little log cabin in 1878 and two years later moved to the town of Antigo, where he has lived since. He built the first bridge on Fifth Avenue over Springbrook near the old Neff blacksmith shop. He now has thirty-two acres of land on section 32, Township 31, Range 11 East, where he spends his declining years. Mr. Cherf has lead a life of industry, is of high standing in his community and as one of the first of the pioneers, has lived to see Antigo grow from nothing nearly a half century ago to a thriving city of nearly ten thousand energetic souls.

Fraternally, Mr. Cherf is affiliated with the E. F. U. Lodge.

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