Please realize that many of these biographies were written many years ago. Although in many of the biographies it says a person is alive, they are not. Please use your own discretion when viewing the biographies and please forgive small mistakes, this area is currently being worked on and we will try to fix everything up. Thank you for your patience

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View Edick David
View Elliot Walter
View Evenson M.
View Falkenhagen, Jr George
View Farnham Luther
View Faust Edward
View Filbrandt Joseph
View Filyes L
View Fish Charles
View Ford Thomas
View Franz George
View Freiburger Leonard
View Friedeman H
View Frisch Joseph
View Frisch Peter
View Gagen Daniel
View Gagen James
View Gallon Walter
View Giese William
View Goebel Edward
View Goeman Max
View Goeman Fred
View Goodrick Hon Arthur
View Gorham Nelson
View Gorham George
View Gorham Charles
View Gorham William
View Grall George
View Greisch Nicholas
View Greskoviak Thomas
View Grossman Joseph
View Grossman Frank
View Guenthner Joseph
View Guile Walter
View Guile Harvey
View Gunkel Freiderich
View Hadler Jr George
View Hafemeister Herman
View Hanousek Jr John
View Hanson Harvey
View Hanzel Charles
View Hartford Leon
View Hay Henry
View Healy James
View Healy Sr Richard
View Helmbrecht Michael
View Helmbrecht Joseph
View Henshaw Charles
View Herman James
View Hersant Henry
View Higgins, Sr Peter
View Hill George
View Hintz Emil
View Hirt Herman
View Hoffman Frank
View Holley John
View Howarth Charles
View Howe J
View Hutchins E
View Hutchinson Malcolm
View Hutchinson Thomas
View Hutchinson Malcolm
View Ings William
View Jackson Harry
View Janes Arthur
View Jensen James
View Jicha Anton
View Jorgensen Alfred

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