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Mon. Aug. 15 The museum will be serving refreshments at the Music in the Park concert featuring the MLC Band

Mon. Sept.12 The museum will be serving refreshments at the Civic Music Concert

Sat. Sept 17 & Sun. Sept 18 Cemetery Tour (with Antigo Community Theater) between 1:00 and 3:00pm

Langlade History on YouTube

The group helping the museum included (left to right) Logan Wilhelm, Isadora Prado, Laura Rydberg, Simon Joyce Whipp, Evie Trabant McKenna, 4H TCM leader Tonya McKenna Trabant, Kaeden Wincentsen. Not shown Gretchen Lucht.

Last spring the museum reopened after extensive remodeling that made the building handicap accessible, with new restrooms, replaced lighting and a repaired ceiling. But there’s still work to be done. The addition and transformation of the interior have been well received, but we would be remiss if we ignored problems with the exterior of the original Carnegie Library, completed in 1905.

The original main entrance, facing Superior Street, is no longer the main entry but it still functions and is the most prominent feature of the façade encountered by visitors. It is also a major background for groups posing for photographs (along with theWhen the Langlade County Historical Society (LCHS) began almost 100 years ago, its stated mission was “to preserve, advance, and disseminate…knowledge in the history of Langlade County.” Those LCHS founders could not possibly envision that dissemination of knowledge would include the internet. In order to do so we enlisted a group of tech savvy teenagers. 4-H Tech Changemakers (TCM) are 4-H youth leaders in grades 8th to 12th. A nation-wide program program; it has four sponsors: Microsoft, Land o Lakes, Tractor Supply Company, and Verizon. One project the local TCM undertook, led by Tonya McKenna Trabant, was to help the museum launch a YouTube channel containing videos describing the county’s history.

On Thursday May 12, the museum hosted a launch party to inaugurate the YouTube channel. At the launch, Changemaker Logan Wilhelm explained “Tech Changemakers is a youth program where we help the community with technology problems and questions,”. Laura Rydberg added “Because of the pandemic, unfortunately, we were unable to get out into the community … so Joe was very kind to offer to partner with us, so we could work on the videos and still help the community but in different ways,” Isa Prado, an exchange student from Brazil emphasized the importance of this project. When she first planned to spend a semester in Antigo, she searched for information to tell friends and family where she was going but found little information other than dry statistics. More videos are being planned but, for now, the students are off for the summer. We hope to be able to continue the program in the fall. To access the videos, go to and search for Langlade County Historical Society.

Volunteer Michael J. Clay researches historic
sites in Antigo and enters text and photos
onto the Clio site.

Welcome to Clio

In today’s fast-paced world, it takes a great effort and some expertise to keep up with new ways to tell our story (see page 1). Recently, we have found one more way to promote our history: the website and app Clio. With the help of tech savvy volunteer Michael J. Clay, we have been able to highlight the story of some of Antigo’s downtown historic sites.

Clio is a website and mobile application that guides the public to thousands of historical and cultural sites throughout the United States. Named after the ancient muse of history, Clio uses GPS to reach the public where they stand and guide them to museums and historical and cultural sites. Each entry includes concise information, embedded media, and links to primary sources and to relevant books and articles. Clio also offers maps and navigation, as well as useful information for visitors to museums, libraries, and historical sites.

To use Clio, download the app on your smartphone (it’s free) or visit the site on your computer. Into the search by City, State, or Address box (upper left) type Antigo WI. A map of the area will appear which may be enlarged using the + sign (lower right). Red numbered pins indicate sites with stores which may be read or listened to, old views and references for further reading. The site for the museum also has a tour of highlights of the interior. A walking tour of downtown is in the works.

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Gloria Moore: Quilt made by Town of Summit Homemakers

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History Online

For over a century the people of Antigo have justifiably prided themselves in their efforts to preserve their history. In 1914 they saved the Deleglise cabin from destruction by moving it to the grounds of the Carnegie Library (now the museum). In the 1920s a group formed to preserve and display artifacts of the county’s history – which in 1997 returned to its original home, occupying the entire Carnegie Library.

Many people have contributed to these efforts over the decades. But sometimes even historians must change with the times and recently museum staff and volunteers have been doing just that by through the internet. Many aspects of our history are on our own web site and we continue to add to that collection. Another method is through our Facebook page. Recently, thanks to the efforts of curator Mary Kay Wolf, we have become more active in showing life in Antigo over the years by posting photos on Facebook. In some weeks over 30,000 views have been recorded and conversations have taken place among viewers who share memories or answer questions asked by others. If you are on Facebook check it out and join in the conversation.

Two other sites provide us with an opportunity to reach out to a wider public. Recollection Wisconsin hosts a site where museums and libraries, including ours, post photographs and documents in their collections. In 2018 there were over 10,000 views of our collection. A Swiss scholar, writing a book on Swiss immigration to the U.S., requested permission to use Francis Deleglise’s recollections of his Civil War experiences in his book. Another request came from a theater group in Ontario, Canada for permission to use our photographs of logging camps in the design of sets for a theater production. We can hardly wait for the DVD of the comedy which they promised to send.

A second site is Wisconsin101: A History in Objects. Museums such as ours submit a photograph of an object along with some stories related to the object. Together these stories tell the history of Wisconsin. We have published photos and stories related to three objects: a pillow sham made for an enrollee to the CCC Camp in Elcho by his sister, a bowling pin made by the Vulcan factory in Antigo, and a fishing lure made by Mepps.

Both the Recollection Wisconsin and the WI101 sites are also packaging their material around themes for use by teachers and researchers. It is well worth spending some time exploring


Just type Langlade County into the search box of either site or to find content from our area.


Medicine Man


A. J. Kingsbury Picture Postcards of Northern Wisconsin

Images of Ojibwe and Menominee Indians in northeast Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in the early 20th century, photographed by Arthur J. Kingsbury of Antigo.
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Deleglise LetterDeleglise Documents

Letters written to family members by Francis Deleglise, founder of the city of Antigo, during his service in the Civil War.
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Steam EngineLanglade County Railroad Photographs

The railroad photographs in the collection of the Langlade County Historical Society depict depots, rail yards, rail crews, locomotives, and train wrecks in the Antigo area from the late 19th century to the 1990s. View collection.
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Logging Wagon Langlade County Logging Photographs

The logging photographs in the collection of the Langlade County Historical Society document work crews, logging camps, sawmills and other aspects of Wisconsin’s logging industry from the 19th century to the 1990s.
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Anitgo Soldiers in World War I

In World War I Langlade County men formed the 107th Trench Mortar Battery Company. They saw action in France and participated in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. William Wessa documented the 107 TMB with photos and a written history.
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Reuben Sweet Diary

Rueben Sweet Diary

Rueben Sweet left Manitowoc in 1863 to fight in the Civil War. He participaed in Sherman's March to the Sea.
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Civilian Conservation Corps Camp 657
Summit Lake and Elcho:

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Views of Antigo:

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