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Annual Meeting
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Annual Meeting

The Langlade County Historical on November 14, 2019. The CoVantage Credit Union kindly provided us with an excellent facility by letting us use their meeting room. Dean and Polly Blazek generously subsidized the event and this enabled us to provide light refreshments at no charge to all attending members of the Langlade County Historical Society and also to the general public for a nominal fee of $5. It was encouraging to see so many non-members show up to see what we are doing and planning to do at the museum.

Approximately 50 attendees were given an update of progress on the museum remodeling plans, a presentation of a new program for grade four students in the area organized by volunteer Pat Kennedy who has been working with Antigo schools, and a history of the role of the railroad in Antigo’s history by Joe Hermolin.

As part of the business meeting Fran Brown, Carol Gottard, and Chris Haedike were each reelected to serve another three year term. At the next monthly board meeting in December the following officers were elected: Joe Hermolin president, Lisa Haefs vice-president, Chris Haedike treasurer, and Mary Kay Wolf secretary.

Looking at and Sharing Pictures

The museum, in collaboration with Terri Johnson of Healthy Aging in Rural Communities (HeART), is launching a program for all local residents, particularly seniors. This new project invites, and indeed depends on, community participation. It is inspired by events that occur sporadically at the museum. From time to time people visit with family photographs that they allow us to copy for our archives. So, we know there is some community interest which we hope to build on in a more organized way. These photos are an important way for the museum to create and maintain a record of how the area appeared and how people lived their daily lives. Through the museum, we can share those views.

On the first Monday of each month from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm we will be set up in the McGinley Meeting Room of the Antigo Public Library at 617 Clermont Street to scan photographs that people may bring in. We hope to build our archive of photos to use in displays and publications (printed and electronic). If people bring in a flash drive, they will be able to get digital copies of their photos to share with family and friends. (We’re sorry but our budget does not allow us to provide flash drives.)

We would like to tape record comments, or at least take notes, about the photo contents such as subject, approximate dates, and any background stories. We would also like participants to sign a statement allowing the museum to use the photographs. If participants wish to place restrictions on how or where the photos are used, we will respect those requests. Street scenes, sporting and social events, workplaces, buildings, schools, rural scenes etc. are all welcome. We can never predict what photos, paired with other photos and documents, can be assembled to form an interesting story. We are capable of scanning prints, negatives, and 35 mm slides. In the future we hope, together with HeART, to prepare “memory packages” around themes. We would then provide them to seniors’ groups as a way of e

Donations to "Let’s Make History Remodeling Project"
since September 23, 2019

Ron & Nancy Blood
Gregg & Vicki Born
Glenn & Nancy Bugni (in memory of Fred Berner)
Lori & Kelly Fermanich
William Gresch
Paul Grinde
Michael & Nancy Hagerty
Cliff Hofmeister (in memory of his wife Marion)
Sally Jansen
Julie Kolb

Jeff & Cheryl Marx
Thomas & Sandra Nelson
Tim & Kathie Rasman
Don Schroeder
Jaclyn Schroeder of Schroeders Farm Market
Mike & Mary Winski
AHS Class of 1955
AHS Class of 1957
Devine-Menting American Legion Post 525

Thank You:

Items Donated
Mary Hilger Portrait of Dr. W. Curran Sr
Jeff Marx Engineer’s outfit of E.V. Marx, original bricks from Antigo’s roundhouse

Memorial Donations:
In memory of Jackie Pecha
In memory of Beth Mollet & Karen Bentz Mollet from Mary & Don Mollet

Monetary Donations:
Louis & Patricia Dellios in honor of Dean & Polly Blazek
Otto & Jeanne Tiegs
James & Kathleen Wing
Langlade County Genealogical Society

Member Renewals:
Cliff Hoffmeister
Jerome & Vicky Marx

New Membership:
Susan Fuszard
Richard & Laurie McConnell

Sharing Expertise

Two state-wide organizations are in place to help smaller local historical societies in their missions of preserving their histories and making material available to the public. The Wisconsin Council for Local History (WCLH) is a division of the Wisconsin Historical Society which offers assistance to local historical societies affiliated with it. This includes over 400 regional or theme-based museums throughout the state. The WCLH provides assistance to its affiliates through workshops, conferences, webinars, access to experts, and grants.

Recollection Wisconsin (RW) works to bring together digital cultural heritage resources from Wisconsin libraries, archives, museums and historical societies and to share materials with the world in partnership with the Digital Public Library of America. Primary support for RW is provided by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Our museum has taken advantage of the expertise of both WCLH and RW in our operation.

Thanks to a grant from the National Archives, RW and WCLH have recently partnered, together with WiLS (formerly Wisconsin Library Services) to conduct a survey of the WCLH affiliates in order to facilitate community conversations and strategic planning sessions. The goal is to develop a plan for a Digital Readiness Community of Practice that will increase affiliates’ capacity to create, manage, and share digitized historical resources. Throughout this past fall three strategic planning sessions were held. This resulted in a plan to further hone the ideals and goals for a statewide digital readiness community of practice. This plan will be used as part of a grant application to be submitted this winter. Should the grant request be approved, work will begin in the summer of 2020 to develop a communication plan, identify priority areas for documentation and training, and help spread the word to the local history/museum community about this work. This may include future “Digital Fairs” to introduce local organizations to available digital resources, share digital resources, and highlight local digital projects. Our museum hopes to play a role in expanding the reach of local museums through evolving computer technology.

History Online

For over a century the people of Antigo have justifiably prided themselves in their efforts to preserve their history. In 1914 they saved the Deleglise cabin from destruction by moving it to the grounds of the Carnegie Library (now the museum). In the 1920s a group formed to preserve and display artifacts of the county’s history – which in 1997 returned to its original home, occupying the entire Carnegie Library.

Many people have contributed to these efforts over the decades. But sometimes even historians must change with the times and recently museum staff and volunteers have been doing just that by through the internet. Many aspects of our history are on our own web site and we continue to add to that collection. Another method is through our Facebook page. Recently, thanks to the efforts of curator Mary Kay Wolf, we have become more active in showing life in Antigo over the years by posting photos on Facebook. In some weeks over 30,000 views have been recorded and conversations have taken place among viewers who share memories or answer questions asked by others. If you are on Facebook check it out and join in the conversation.

Two other sites provide us with an opportunity to reach out to a wider public. Recollection Wisconsin hosts a site where museums and libraries, including ours, post photographs and documents in their collections. In 2018 there were over 10,000 views of our collection. A Swiss scholar, writing a book on Swiss immigration to the U.S., requested permission to use Francis Deleglise’s recollections of his Civil War experiences in his book. Another request came from a theater group in Ontario, Canada for permission to use our photographs of logging camps in the design of sets for a theater production. We can hardly wait for the DVD of the comedy which they promised to send.

A second site is Wisconsin101: A History in Objects. Museums such as ours submit a photograph of an object along with some stories related to the object. Together these stories tell the history of Wisconsin. We have published photos and stories related to three objects: a pillow sham made for an enrollee to the CCC Camp in Elcho by his sister, a bowling pin made by the Vulcan factory in Antigo, and a fishing lure made by Mepps.

Both the Recollection Wisconsin and the WI101 sites are also packaging their material around themes for use by teachers and researchers. It is well worth spending some time exploring


Just type Langlade County into the search box of either site or to find content from our area.

Remodeling Plans

Construction of the original building

We are now well into winter and it may appear that not much is happening at the museum but that is illusionary. Fundraising continues and, while we are not yet at our goal needed to fund everything on our list, we are confident that the initial stages will begin in spring.

The plans drawn up by architect Rod Cox of Wausau have been approved by the state and we are currently negotiating to hire a general contactor to oversee the project and to start getting bids for aspects of the remodeling project.


Langlade archives online

Langlade County Historical Society information online at website.

CCC Camp 657 of Elcho Added to Archives

Elcho CCC 657The CCC was one of the most successful of the New Deal projects implemented by FDR. It provided work and training for many young men and financial support for their families.

Camp 657 was established, in June, 1933 at Summit Lake in Langlade County. More permanent barracks were erected at nearby Otter Lake, in Elcho. In November 1933 the recruits marched in from their tents at Summit Lake to their new barracks in Elcho.

Camp 657 primarily did reforestation in a region that had been clear cut by the logging industry. Enrollees planted almost 1,400 acres and also build fire roads, lookout towers, fire breaks, did stream and pond development with fish stocking, improved conditions for wild game and established 3 acres of public campgrounds. More than 75 years after the camp ceased its existence the benefits of their efforts are still enjoyed in Langlade County.

Photos, camp newsletters, and memorabilia of Camp 657 Elcho may now be viewed at (in the search window, type “ccc camp 657 elcho”).

Medicine Man


A. J. Kingsbury Picture Postcards of Northern Wisconsin

Images of Ojibwe and Menominee Indians in northeast Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in the early 20th century, photographed by Arthur J. Kingsbury of Antigo.
Click to View Collection

Deleglise LetterDeleglise Documents

Letters written to family members by Francis Deleglise, founder of the city of Antigo, during his service in the Civil War.
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Steam EngineLanglade County Railroad Photographs

The railroad photographs in the collection of the Langlade County Historical Society depict depots, rail yards, rail crews, locomotives, and train wrecks in the Antigo area from the late 19th century to the 1990s. View collection.
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Logging Wagon Langlade County Logging Photographs

The logging photographs in the collection of the Langlade County Historical Society document work crews, logging camps, sawmills and other aspects of Wisconsin’s logging industry from the 19th century to the 1990s.
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Anitgo Soldiers in World War I

In World War I Langlade County men formed the 107th Trench Mortar Battery Company. They saw action in France and participated in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. William Wessa documented the 107 TMB with photos and a written history.
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Reuben Sweet Diary

Rueben Sweet Diary

Rueben Sweet left Manitowoc in 1863 to fight in the Civil War. He participaed in Sherman's March to the Sea.
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by Richard Prestor and Joseph Hermolin

$21.99 - The newest book in the Arcadia Publishing's Images of America Series