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June 5th - The museum will switch to summer hours
June 9th - Fundraising rummage sale (8am-1pm)
June 11th - Serving refreshments at Music in the Park.
July 11th - Annual railroad picnic (5pm-?)

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Remodeling Plans Continue
Preserving Francis Deleglise's Cabin
Sources for Tips on Restoring Historic Buildings - Sandborn Maps
How to Preserve Your Historic Building

Summer Plans

Starting on June 5, the museum switches to summer mode with expanded hours and special events. The museum will be open from Tuesday through Saturday, 10a.m. to 4p.m. The Deleglise cabin and 440 Locomotive will open for tours. To tour the cabin or the locomotive and caboose, register at the museum desk during regular hours.

Summer is a time for special the museum. On Saturday, June 9, the museum will once again have a fundraising rummage sale, selling items at the museum grounds from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Last year poor weather forced us to move the sale indoors but it still was a great success. We are accepting donations to sell at the museum. If you have any hidden treasures in your attic or garage, please consider donating them to the museum. Drop off items or call us at 715-627-4464 during regular museum hours. (Sorry but we cannot accept large appliances or clothing.) This is one of our major fundraisers and helps cover operating costs. Please consider donating and shopping at the museum.

On Monday, June 11, we will be serving refreshments at the Music in the Park concert. Donations of pies or other baked goods would be appreciated. Please bring them to the concert site on the day of the concert. See you there!

On Wednesday, July 11, we will host our annual railroad picnic starting at 5 p.m. This has become an Antigo tradition. It celebrates the purchase of the 440 Locomotive in 2005 and its restoration in 2007 and the development of the “Railroad Park.” The picnic acknowledges the community’s generosity and recognizes our railroad heritage. This year we will again be serving brats, burgers, potato salad, beans, ice cream and soft drinks. Music will be provided by Brian Hayes and Charlie Kirsch who will be making a return appearance. The cost for the event will remain at $6.

At the picnic we will unveil the revised museum remodeling plans. After months of planning and with community feedback, we have developed a plan for remodeling. The major features are handicap accessibility, including a ramp to enter the building and an elevator to access all three floors. We would like to use the picnic to show plans and talk people through proposed changes with building tours. This will be the launch of our fundraising campaign to add to the funds we have already have raised and set aside for this project. Additional funds should allow us to complete the project of enhancing one of Antigo’s landmarks.

The State-Wide Picture

The Langlade County Historical Society is one of over 400 local museums around the state affiliated with the Wisconsin Historical Society. The flagship museum in Madison has major revisions in the works. A new museum on the capitol square is being planned, at a cost that could approach $250 million. The Wisconsin Historical Society was formed in 1846, two years before Wisconsin became a state. Its current museum, which draws 77,000 visitors annually, including 23,000 school children, is inadequate and expansion is much needed. It is housed in a former hardware store on Madison’s Capitol Square and is limited by outdated technology, costly maintenance, and public safety risks. School groups have been turned away because of inadequate space.

Consistent with “the Wisconsin Idea” the philosophy of the Historical Society is that “the walls of the museum should be the borders of the state”. Therefore, as part of the expansion there will be greater collaboration with local museums to tell the story of “What makes Wisconsin, Wisconsin”.

Approximately 5,000 square feet of the new museum will be dedicated to temporary exhibits with a significant portion highlighting collections from local history organizations. Exhibits created from local collections will be created for display in Madison. They will then be re-installed in the local museums and other venues. Field Services representatives from the Wisconsin Historical Society will be touring museums around the state to develop plans for collaborating on exhibits.

The Wisconsin Historical Society is also increasing its outreach to local museums to assist them with their own work. Increased outreach has begun and will expand by planning collaborations among local museums as well as between museums and other organizations such as schools, tourist development offices, service organizations, etc. With the technology planned, the new museum should be able to reach students and local history partners in all 72 counties of the state.

This is a lengthy process. Architectural and exhibition space plans are now being developed. The current museum will close in the fall of 2019. Demolition of the current building and construction of the new museum at the same but expanded location will begin in the winter of 2010. The new museum should reopen in the spring of 2013. We should all be able to benefit locally from the efforts of the Wisconsin Historical Society in more ways in the future.

Remodeling Plans Continue

Elcho CCC 657

The board continues to meet with Funktion Design Studios of Wausau to develop remodeling plans for the museum. Funktion has reviewed the current status of the building and current building codes. Lighting options have been suggested which will, particularly on the main floor, maintain period style and function for museum displays. Less elaborate lighting plans are being considered for the second floor and basement, partly due to technical considerations. In addition, electrical and heating/cooling options are being reviewed.

At a recent meeting with the board Funktion presented plans for possible reconfiguration of floor plans that will ultimately make the building handicap accessible. This is something that we have long desired.

After a lengthy presentation of options to the board in March, Funktion will now narrow down some parameters and prepare a more detailed analysis, including cost estimates. The board will then have to determine what may be financially reasonable and best fits our needs as a museum. We hope to be able to present a plan to the community by May or June.

Shoppers at our rummage sale on June 3rd and picnickers on July 12th could spend time discussing plans with board members present.

Langlade archives online

Langlade County Historical Society information online at website.

CCC Camp 657 of Elcho Added to Archives

Elcho CCC 657The CCC was one of the most successful of the New Deal projects implemented by FDR. It provided work and training for many young men and financial support for their families.

Camp 657 was established, in June, 1933 at Summit Lake in Langlade County. More permanent barracks were erected at nearby Otter Lake, in Elcho. In November 1933 the recruits marched in from their tents at Summit Lake to their new barracks in Elcho.

Camp 657 primarily did reforestation in a region that had been clear cut by the logging industry. Enrollees planted almost 1,400 acres and also build fire roads, lookout towers, fire breaks, did stream and pond development with fish stocking, improved conditions for wild game and established 3 acres of public campgrounds. More than 75 years after the camp ceased its existence the benefits of their efforts are still enjoyed in Langlade County.

Photos, camp newsletters, and memorabilia of Camp 657 Elcho may now be viewed at (in the search window, type “ccc camp 657 elcho”).

Medicine Man


A. J. Kingsbury Picture Postcards of Northern Wisconsin

Images of Ojibwe and Menominee Indians in northeast Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in the early 20th century, photographed by Arthur J. Kingsbury of Antigo.
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Deleglise LetterDeleglise Documents

Letters written to family members by Francis Deleglise, founder of the city of Antigo, during his service in the Civil War.
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Steam EngineLanglade County Railroad Photographs

The railroad photographs in the collection of the Langlade County Historical Society depict depots, rail yards, rail crews, locomotives, and train wrecks in the Antigo area from the late 19th century to the 1990s. View collection.
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Logging Wagon Langlade County Logging Photographs

The logging photographs in the collection of the Langlade County Historical Society document work crews, logging camps, sawmills and other aspects of Wisconsin’s logging industry from the 19th century to the 1990s.
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Anitgo Soldiers in World War I

In World War I Langlade County men formed the 107th Trench Mortar Battery Company. They saw action in France and participated in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. William Wessa documented the 107 TMB with photos and a written history.
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Reuben Sweet Diary

Rueben Sweet Diary

Rueben Sweet left Manitowoc in 1863 to fight in the Civil War. He participaed in Sherman's March to the Sea.
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by Richard Prestor and Joseph Hermolin

$21.99 - The newest book in the Arcadia Publishing's Images of America Series

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From the Curator:

We would like to fill the gaps in our collection of Antigo High School yearbooks. Missing years include 1944, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1957, 1964. We would appreciate donations to fill these gaps.


Wisconsin Council for Local History

Mary Kay Wolf - CuratorThe Wisconsin Council for Local History is a state wide organization of over 370 local history groups. The Langlade County Historical Society is part of the Northwoods Region. The Council helps local groups in several ways:

  1. Each year mini-grants are awarded to a number of groups. This year the Langlade County Historical Society received a grant for the purchase of archival boxes and pages for our photo collection. Curator Mary Kay Wolf is busy organizing and indexing our archives and in the near future they should be much more accessible to the public.

  2. The Council, together with the Wisconsin Historical Society, organizes a number of workshops and webinars on a wide range of topics. A recent conference was held in Madison and board president Joe Hermolin attended workshops in processing archival collections, web design, and digitization. Workshops are being planned for spring and the next annual conference is scheduled for Wisconsin Rapids from October 11-12, 2013. Details on future workshops, webinars, and conferences, as well as bibliography and notes from the recent conference may be viewed on the Wisconsin Historical Society’s web site:

  3. The Council manages a local history listserve where people may ask questions, seek advice, post events, and more. Join by sending an email to: and type SUBSCRIBE in the body of the email.